With or Without Plastic Storage Containers


Where would i be without plastic storage boxes

To tell the truth, in our home, we use mainly plastic storage from https://plastic-storage-boxes.co.uk for all of our long term storage needs. We have so many benefits from using plastic to store our papers, personal belongings and information.

One of the best benefits I can think of when it comes to long term storage in the garage is the ability of these plastic storage containers to keep out pests. In the area where I live, which is considered desert, we have these very large Norwegian roof rats and I have been in the garage where these rodents have had their way with cardboard shoe boxes stuffed with fine linen and I have had to throw out many relics and artifacts from our family because of hungry mice in the garage.

For us, changing over from cardboard to clear plastic storage containers is a very easy choice because we are able to identify what was inside of the container before removing it from the long term storage area in the garage. We have used colored plastic storage in the past, and they have that long term stability we were looking for, but we were at a loss as to what was stored inside of the storage container after a couple of years and a few garage clean ups.

plastic storage boxPacking slips that were taped on to the plastic had worn off or had been removed by accident or faded out completely and you had to look inside of each container to remember what was inside of it. When looking through clear plastic, even after years of storage, you can see exactly what is inside and it jogs the memory enough to pretty much remember the generality of what is inside and why you kept it in the first place.

The stackable storage container is one of the key reasons why people have switched from cardboard to plastic. When the parts of plastic containers are made, they have to have what they term as draw, so they can get the plastic storage containers out of the mold. One benefit from having to have draw is; the pieces can be stacked on top of each other and if the forethought is put into the part, which it normally is, they become stackable with forms that fit into each other. The plastic storage container that is stackable remains very solid and rigid when placed on top of each other.

Yes, it does cost more than cardboard to have plastic, but the benefits out weigh the costs. Knowing your precious belongings and family heirlooms will be safe from the ravages of the nocturnal rodents, being able to recognize and the stack ability of these containers makes you wonder where we would be without it.

Plastic Storage Containers are a great way to store your stuff. If you would like to read more or comment come visit the website

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